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The name says it all. The most amazing and grate views of Teskey Ala-Too Range, Kungey Ala-Too Range and Yssyk-Kul Lake. This serene and breathtaking one-day family horse trip takes you to the southern shore of Issyk-Kul Lake, 30 km from Karakol near the small authentic village, where the local Kyrgyz life style has remained relatively unchanged for over 60 years.

If the open-air breathtaking panoramic scenery and being-surrounded by real country-life is your thing then you will love the Teskey Family Horse Tour. We offer an adventure horse riding Day Trip, to the most beautiful part of  Teskey Ala-Too Range. 

Horse riding with Teskey Family Horse Tour is a perfect way to get in better touch with nature. 

For our horseback riding program participants need to be generally fit and healthy. You must have a good knowledge of the basics and some experience in riding cross-country. We are looking forward to helping you find your perfect holiday here in Kyrgyzstan.

If you like to be in the center of nature, in peaceful part of  Teskey AlaToo Range you will love our new Teskey Panorama 

Horse Tour program. The wildlife is incredible here, the views are breathtaking and amazing! It is scenic, peaceful and calm place. It is not crowded with people like in other valleys. And you are completely in the center of nature, enjoying the mountain flowers and complete immersion. This horse riding day trip for those who love the outdoors and being in nature! 

Thanks for reading and have a nice and save travel in Teskey Ala-Too Range on a horse.

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CULTURE and TRADITIONS. On top of a nomad's house, a yurta, there is a "door to the sky" called a tunduk. This circle symbolizes the Sun that unites the uuks or wooden beams that support the yurta's cupola, like the cupola of the sky.

The traditional man's hat in Kyrgyzstan is a white felt hat called an Ak-Kalpak, that is a perfect shape and easy and practical to use. The light, white felt keeps one warm in winter and reflects hot sunbeams in summer. Its brim protects the eyes from the light and the face from rain and snow. Outwardly, it looks like the Tien-Shan Mountain peaks and, according to legend it has a holy, conservative force. Kyrgyz men of all ages study, work, and rest wearing Kalpaks.

Legend about Seven Bulls. The legend says one day a king stole the wife of another and offered him seven bulls as pay. The king whose wife had been stolen was furious and wanted to inflict as much pain as possible upon the other king. When he took the bulls, the king reached for his blade and plunged it deep into his young wife's heart. Blood gushed from her heart and into the mountains and valley, taking seven bulls and the kings with it. The seven bulls formed into seven mountains, and thus gave the name Jety Oghuz to the area.

HISTORY and PEOPLE. When humans first appeared God gave them land and everything the world could offer depending on their talents - fertile valleys, rocky mountains and water less deserts, forests... One the last day of giving out land God noted a Kyrgyz man sleeping under a tree, whereas the others were struggling to get better areas. This lack of interest affected God so much that He decided to give the best land to the Kyrgyz man so that he would not need to work hard to live.

ISSYK-KUL. Once upon a time, there was a city by Lake Issyk-Kul dominated by the impregnable fortress of a powerful khan who sent his men to seize a poor nomad's beautiful daughter, but she already had a boyfriend and so refused the khan's gifts. So he decided to take her by force but she rushed to the open window and threw herself out. Suddenly the unassailable walls shook, the earth split and water gushed out of a crevice washing away the whole city. It is said that sometimes on a very still night, one can hear the beautiful singing of the young, beautiful woman from Issyk-Kul.